preaching proverbs

Short posting this morning as I am off to the quiet day… but I thought I might offer ten proverbs for preachers:

  1. Don’t work out your frustrations on your congregation.
  2. It is better to leave them wanting more.
  3. Illustrations are there to illustrate not to be the main point.
  4. If you can’t summarise it in one sentence how will your congregation?
  5. Your job is to preach, the congregation’s is to listen. If they finish their job before you finish yours you may hear snoring.
  6. A winsome word works well.
  7. Don’t use your children / spouse as an illustration without checking with them first.
  8. Sermons are like meals. You may not remember all the meals you have eaten but they will have done you good.
  9. It is difficult to be heard when you have your foot in your mouth.
  10. Remember the rule of glutal tolerance… when people’s bottoms start hurting they tend to stop listening.
These may be of help to preachers and those who have to endure listen to them. I am taking the risk that those who read my blog from our church will start quoting me back to myself…

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