the little angel

Following on from yesterday’s bloggage I thought I would share a story with you. It’s the story I told in our Bright Sparks parent and toddler group and is based loosely on fact.

The little angel always looked forward to Christmas because it meant she came out of the box and got to hang on a lovely Christmas tree. This year we got her out of her box, along with all of the other tree ornaments, and hung her from the tree as usual.

But this year the thread from which she hung broke and the poor little angel tumbled off the tree and bounced into a corner. Nobody noticed she was missing and she lay there all Christmas, hidden from everyone. She was very sad.

After Christmas we packed away the tree, the ornaments, the lights and the tinsel from the tree and put it all back in the roof. The little angel watched all this happening from where she was lying and sadly realised that she had been left behind.

As I was finishing tidying up after the Christmas decorations had been put away, I noticed the little angel in the corner. I picked her up and put her on the table, ready to take up to put with all the other decorations. But then I had a thought. I decided that instead of her only coming out at Christmas, she would be on display all year round and would remind us of the wonderful Christmas story whenever we saw her.

So now the little angel is happier than ever, because she has the really important job of reminding us about Jesus all year round.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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