Today’s bloggage is curtailed due to an excess of work and a shortage of available time. Now that the interpregnum* is over (my colleague, Lynsey, is back from maternity leave) there should theoretically be a higher MPE rating (Ministers Per Event) within the church. However it seems that the work has expanded to fill the available Ministers.

One of the main reasons is that Lynsey’s work is complementary to mine. Yes, she is sharing the preaching again (which reduces that load a bit) but she is also focusing on other missional activities and pastoring people I would not normally pastor, so in part she has taken up the slack elsewhere. It’s also true to say that she has been doing some of these things in her spare time during the interpregnum, so I have not needed to do them.

So the point of this bloggage is… there is always more to do. Only one person has been able to declare of God’s work, “It is finished!” and then he started again, inviting us to join in until he calls time again. There may be no rest for the wicked, but the righteous are pretty busy too.

*yet another new word invented by me. Oxford English Dictionary – you read it here first! Interpregnum: a period of ministerial vacancy in a church as a result of maternity leave.

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