I suspect I might be a bit ‘over nativityed’. This morning I looked at the mixer tap in our kitchen, over which my wife had draped the dishcloth to dry, and thought, “Hmmm, a shepherd tap.”Shepherd Tap

I wonder what the other signals may be that you have had too many nativity experiences?

When you see a tea towel you automatically look for a tie to go with it.

You can pronounce ‘Quirinius’ successfully.

You know why lobsters, Darth Vader and Olly Murs all have a place around the manger.

You find yourself humming ‘Little donkey’ at random times during the day.

You book a flight to Bethlehem because you have to register for the census.

Any other suggestions?

I am not sure that there is such a thing as being ‘overnativityed’. Each one is special, each one is a gentle and joyful reminder of the moment when we could no longer accuse God of being remote and distant: he came into our world and lived among us.

Each time the angel appears to Mary, there’s a reminder that God has a role for everyone, no matter how ill-equipped they are for the task.

Each time Mary and Joseph are told that there is no room at the inn, there’s a reminder that we need to make room for Jesus in our lives.

Each time the shepherds wash their socks by night and are shocked by the arrival of the heavenly host, we are reminded that God is interested in everyone, even those who think themselves insignicant or are told they don’t matter.

Each time the wise men arrive on the scene with gold, myrrh and ‘Frank sent this’ we are reminded that each of us has gifts we can offer to Jesus.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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