the heart of the matter – who I am


My name is Nick Lear, I am a 50-something Baptist Minister in Devon, in the bootiful South West of England, who loves telling jokes, performing magic tricks and looking at life from a different perspective. You can find out a bit more about Mutley Baptist Church for whom I work by clicking on the link. The image here is of me with my magic assistant, Stew the Rabbit. The picture was commissioned from Mark Shortland who, as well as being an excellent artist is also a superb magician.

I blog for selfish reasons – I find it helps me to reflect on my life and faith. If you find it helpful then that’s wonderful too. If you just come here for the jokes I hope that you chuckle and chortle or giggle and guffaw. Whatever your reason for visiting, it is nice of you to do so and I hope you leave this site with a smile on your face. The views expressed here are my own and may or may not represent the views of the church I serve and the Baptist family to which I belong.

In case you are curious about the history of this blog, it was previously hosted on Blogspot but I migrated to here (now having received an unexpected 23,000+ hits!) because I was getting frustrated by a period of unreliability by Blogspot.

If you want to know why the blog is called ‘Nukelear Fishing’ you can find out here.

Legal bit: I try as far as possible to use royalty-free images, get permission to use images or provide credit and links. If I have failed, please forgive me and I will rectify any omissions or remove the photo if that’s what you prefer. I am not in a position financially to pay anyone for the use of your photos.

Stew the Rabbit, who helps / hinders me with my magic tricks

4 responses to “the heart of the matter – who I am”

  1. I love what I have read of your blog so far, thank you so much- but (don’t know if I just can’t see it, or you are deliberately being a bit anonymous!) I can’t find your name easily anywhere?!? Prob just me! Blessings, and thanks again, Elizabeth Pinder-AShenden (another Baptist, rather unconventional minister)

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I was not being deliberately anonymous, just forgot to say who I am! I have amended the ‘about me’ section so you can find my name and also a link to our church. Bless you and thank you for your encouragement.

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