playing cards and sawing people in half

IMGP1117 (2)I love performing magic tricks. I have no special powers, I am not in league with the Devil, I never went to Hogwarts… all of my performances owe everything to skill, practice, sleight of hand and sleight of mouth.

I enjoy all sorts of magic from close up magic with playing cards, coins and the like to stage illusions like sawing someone in half with a power saw. Generally I tend to be more of a comedy magician than a solemn, serious prestidigitator (more of a half-baked-‘tator) but that does not mean that it’s all silliness and jokes – sawing someone in half is no joke, especially if you can’t put them back together again (Your Honour). I can point to many magic awards and achievements. None of them are mine, I am just good at pointing at other people’s awards!

I am a member of the prestigious Magic Circle. If you want to see me in action, click here to see a clip from the show I performed with my friend Richard Jones at South Woodham Ferrers (yes, he’s the military magician who won Britain’s Got Talent). Visit my magical website for more information about my magic and what people have actually said about my performances:

Here are some things people might have said about me and my magic:

“How did you do that?” (Almost everyone – the answer is usually “With humour” or “With panache!”)

“Why did you do that?” (My wife)

“We have had a great night, but this wasn’t it” (A local church for whom I did the magic part of a ‘Magic and Curry Night’ (better that I do the magic than the curry) – I may have added the second part for comedic effect)

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!” (Headmaster as I sawed him in half in front of the school to raise funds for Comic Relief)

Some photos from some of my shows


20141021_112126 (2)getting it wrongsurprisefarewell magic 1

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