the ongoing adventures of Minillennium Falcon

My children bought me a model kit of the Millennium Falcon for Father’s Day. It’s quite tiny, so I have dubbed it Minillennium Falcon. I put a picture of it on Facebook and was asked if there would be more. So now we have the ongoing adventures of Minillennium Falcon. Sorry about that!

MF Empire

MF ColognesMF Dark SideMF ForksMF New SoapMF Revel AllianceMF TiesMF Star TrekMF SudookuMF CantonaMF bracesMF artMF stir frymf return of the teddyMF lego wookieMF hand so lowMF Jabba the Hutmf see three peas omf ob1mf-droidmf-tattooing








mf size

mf sand

bucket of bolts with text

may the fourth mf

MF phantom dennis

MF red dye

(the last red dye)

return of red dye

(the return of the red dye)

mf borg porg

mf o bee wine ken obee

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