defeat hurts

I have been having some problems with my golf shoes. Yes, I know that most of you will be tempted at this stage to roll your eyes, sigh and click onto another website, but do bear with me. This is not really a bloggage about golf.

footprint 2The problem is that the shoes I have cause blisters when I play a round of golf. They fitted fine in the shop but when I walk around a golf course they rub a bit and that rubbing results in blisters. I have tried lots of remedies. I have tried putting blister cushions on my heels but they rubbed off and I got blisters. I used plasters on my feet. They came off, the shoes still rubbed and I got blisters. I tried sticking heel grips onto the back of the shoes. They came off, the shoes rubbed and I got blisters. I consulted the internet. The shoes still rubbed and I got blisters. I used anti-blister gel. The shoes still rubbed and I got blisters.

I am having one last try with some socks designed to wick away moisture, the anti-blister gel, and new insoles in the shoes. I hope that will work the next time I play. Otherwise it might be that I need to get new golf shoes.

I reckon there are occasions when things seem to be okay but there is a gentle abrasion that ultimately leads to problems. For example a little white lie can gradually rub into a full blown deception, loss of face, hurt and disappointment. Or a small piece of news ‘for your prayers’ can turn into a blister of gossip that causes a lot of pain.

I suspect that I may be postponing the inevitable when I am trying different things to sort out my golf shoes. I may have to admit defeat (for the sake of de feet) and get new shoes. What inevitable event are you postponing by failing to admit the obvious?

Be blessed, be a blessing.