>Lift high the cross

>Interesting experience this morning. After our Good Friday Reflection we joined other churches in the town of the Walk of Witness. (I had suggested that if it rained it would be a Walk of Wetness but thankfully the rain held off).

When we got there we looked around and while there was a growing crowd and a Salvation Army Band ready to lead us, nobody had brought a large cross. In the past there has been a substantial cross that has been a part of the WoW but it seems that everyone thought someone else was bringing it (or most likely did not think about it at all, like me). One advantage of being a town centre church is that our building is in the town centre (bear with me) which meant I was able to leg it back to the church and collect our 6 foot (2 metre) cross. The WoW had already started so I joined it with the cross half way down the High Street. I don’t know if I imagined it but it seemed to me that the following crowd gave a small cheer when the cross arrived.

What a contrast to the first Good Friday Walk of Witness when Jesus staggered under the weight of his own execution scaffold and it was given to Simon of Cyrene to carry for him. The following crowd of mourners did not cheer the cross but wailed at what was happening (Luke 23:27).

I have found it helpful this year to follow the events from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday through the week. Right now we are in that state of limbo between Jesus’ death and resurrection. At the end of our Reflection this morning I did not pronounce a blessing or say that we had finished. I left it hanging. Someone commented that they did not know what to do. It was a deliberate act on my part to try to allow people a glimpse of the bewilderment that those who had followed Jesus must have felt when he was crucified, dead and buried.

So, to close