i’ve started so i’ll finish

What’s in a bottle that sings?

A fizzy pop star!
That’s where it all started, my friends. That is my first (and possibly worst*) joke. I made it up while at Primary School. *Okay, some of you may suggest that it is not my worst and that there have been plenty since then that are worse than that. I won’t argue the point because I would be on very shaky ground.
But we all have to start somewhere. Last weekend Thomas had his first experience driving a car. It was at Silverstone (the home of British Motor Racing). Okay, it was in the car park, but it was with Racing Instructors and he learnt the very basics of car control. In years to come (many I hope) he will be driving on our roads but it all started last weekend.
Leonardo da Vinci must have started somewhere. Perhaps the origins of the Mona Lisa are to be found in some stick men. Perhaps the origins of all his inventions are found in the 15th or 16th century equivalent of Lego. Perhaps the origins of the ‘Last Supper’ fresco are found in some early graffiti.
There’s nothing wrong with starting. The issue comes when we are satisfied with where we have got. ‘That will do’ is an invidious phrase that I would like to eradicate from my vocabulary and my faith. We can all improve, grow, be enhanced and be better in so many aspects of our lives. God never looks at us and says, “That will do.” Why do we?
This is a picture of da Vinci’s Last Supper fresco, painted on a wall in the dining room of the Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan. It’s a bit battered and chipped in places now, but is still remarkable. One thing that has been lost over the years is the caption that was underneath the painting.
Jesus is saying: “Come around to this side of the table, lads, or you won’t be in the picture.”