sent too soon

Blue Website Buttons 2 4How often do we do it? We write an email and intend to attach something to it, but before we have had a chance to attach the attachment some primeval urge* within us moves the mouse pointer to hit ‘send’ and it’s gone. Without the attachment. So then we have to send a second email with an ‘oops’ message attaching the attachment this time. It’s really embarrassing if the primeval urge takes over again at that point and the second one goes without the attachment too.

I have made a decision today, which may or may not make ‘sent too soon’ a thing of the past. Often in my emails I sign them off with ‘bless you’ or something similar. As I sent an email a little earlier it struck me that saying or writing ‘bless you’ is not enough. So I have resolved that before I hit ‘send’ in response to my primeval urge I will pray a quick prayer of blessing for the recipient(s) of that email.

It may not prevent me from ‘sending without attaching’ face plants, but I hope I will at least be sending with a blessing.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

(And yes I have just prayed for you!)

*I am not sure what primeval urge would cause us to click – perhaps it comes from a drumming instinct or a previously undiscovered benefit from tapping small rodents on the head?