trolley joke in honour of new arrival*

ancient cave painting (produced by me)

An archaeologist excitedly presented his latest research to a group of peers. He projected a picture of a cave painting showing what looked like a wheelbarrow or trolley, a man, a spade, an ox and the sun and announced: “I conclude from this painting that we have irrefutable evidence that prehistoric man was a farmer who kept livestock, who tended the ground and used primitive barrows to harvest his produce.”

A colleague put up her hand. “I think you have made serious errors in your analysis,” she said. “Prehistoric humans worshipped the sun. That is a cow, not an ox. The feint symbols beneath the man are his name. And most significantly you have failed to take account of the fact that prehistoric man wrote from right to left. In fact this message reads, ‘Holy cow, look at Zog’s new wheels!'”

*see previous bloggage for explanation.