Emergency ExitToday is my eviction anniversary*. 48 years ago I was unceremoniously evicted from the comforting, nurturing, nourishing place I had spent the first 9 months of my existence into a cold, bright, noisy environment that I had never imagined existed. I don’t think I wanted to leave the womb-warmth – which may explain why most babies start crying soon after they emerge.

But so much has happened for me since that I am rather glad that I was evicted (and I am sure my Mum was!). It may have been somewhat traumatic at the time (for me and my mother) but that trauma has been followed by growth, learning, friendship, love, companionship, excitement, sadness, distress, struggles and so much more. I have gone from the relative comfort of monochrome existence to the astonishing experience of beyond-high-definition multi-coloured life with more pixels than you can imagine and billions of colours and shades.

How often is that true for us? We like our comfort zones, our security blankets, our safety. Change threatens that security and we cannot be sure that it will be better so we often prefer to stay where we are than risk an unknown future. Yet, there is so much more to experience of life. If we stay in the womb we won’t experience all of that.

Be blessed, be a blessing

*Thank you to so many of you for your birthday greetings, that means a lot to me.

Today’s bloggage, hopefully…

Okay, sorry about the glitch – I accidentally deleted the content just after I had posted it. Sorry if you are getting loads of notifications that don’t work. I didn’t know what would happen when I clicked on a button! And that’s what I was blogging about, ironically.

I wrote bloggage about how I didn’t know that YouTube offer to put music on a video you have uploaded. I did it to my ear wiggling video that I have previously uploaded to demonstrate my talent for wiggling my ears independently. I don’t know how I discovered I could do it, nor what I am doing different to the rest of you that enables me to do it. I am a mutant!

But what I was reflecting on was the ‘ooooh’ factor. When I found out that I could add music to my videos I thought ‘Ooooh, I didn’t know they could do that’.

I wonder if that’s what Jesus’ friends said a lot about him? I think it’s a paraphrase of their reaction when he calmed a storm.

My reflection was that until I tried it out I didn’t know what was possible to add music (or wiggle my ears).

I think Christians call it ‘stepping out in faith’ and involves us leaving our comfort zone because we know and trust the One who is calling us to try something new. We may get it wrong, but if we simply stay in our safe bubble we will miss out on so much.

As Jesus might have said, “He who has ears to hear, let them wiggle!”

Be blessed, be a blessing