I am a loser

This pome what I wroted a while back summarises how I feel at the moment:

My wife says I’m a loser
I’m inclined to think she’s right.
I don’t know where my things are but
She doesn’t share my plight.

Though my keys aren’t where I leave them
She always finds them there.
Somehow they’re invisible
Despite how hard I stare.

My mobile phone IS mobile
I’m sure it runs around:
I can look in vain for hours but
In seconds she has it found.

She says I don’t look properly
When I overlook it
And start an inquisition
To find out just who took it.

I’m sure my searching’s thorough:
That I look in the right places
Which is why I get so ratty
In my oh-so frantic chases.

“Where did you last see it?”
She asks me through my bile.
“If I knew I wouldn’t need your help.”
I sulk back like a child.

My wife knows where to start things:
“I’ve already looked there twice”
Means that’s her quest’s beginning
And where she finds the prize.

As I’m reunited with what I lost
And turn off my pressure cooker
I consider it a huge blessing
That I married such a looker.*

My problem is that the DVD for which I am searching is still lost and the looker (AKA Sally) is at work all day today. I guess I have a few options:

  1. Spend all day in a fruitless search for the DVD
  2. Spend all day frustrated because I know I won’t be able to find the DVD
  3. Assume it’s been lent to someone and send out a Facebook SOS (done)
  4. Phone Sally at work and ask her where it is (which will stretch even her powers of knowing where everything is)
  5. Order another one (not easy as it was ordered from the US in 2008 and is no longer available)
  6. Wait patiently for Sally to come home and then pounce with the request (with a cup of tea for her first)
  7. Pray for patience, the ability to relax and get on with other things and perhaps a little remembrance of where I put it
  8. Write a bloggage about it

CaptureI have decided to try number 7 second (I have already done number 3 and am doing number 8) and then not worry about what happens next. I may or may not find it and if I don’t it won’t be the end of the world as we know it. The video is, however, excellent. You can see the clip I want on YouTube here (the picture next to this text is from it – I want to use my legal version rather than nab it from YouTube).

There are far more serious things going on in the world at the moment for us to get stressed about the little things. A quick prayer begins the process of regaining that perspective and then leads to praying for the big things again: refugees, victims of violence, families bereaved by tragedy, people who are not so much struggling to make ends meet as having lost sight of the ends… so many people in need of prayerful support and intercession.

And actually the video (go on, watch it) speaks into those situations too. Jesus notices everyone, knows everyone, loves everyone.

***UPDATE – within an hour I had experienced a moment of inspiration and had checked again in a place where I had already looked, and found the DVD!***

Be blessed, be a blessing

*You can see other pomes what I have wroted in the pomes section of the blog

looking for the impossible

searchToday I spent time and effort searching for something. It was an important document. It was my tax return. I had found ones from previous years but needed this year’s. I file my returns online but was sure that I also printed out a summary of this year’s return. Yet I could not find it anywhere.

I had used some tax return filing software specially designed for Ministers of Religion and thought that I would have the document I needed in the backup folders. But then I realised that I had filed the return on a different computer and, not so long ago, I had removed my profile from that computer because I had not needed it. I thought I had made copies of everything and put them on an external hard drive, but when I checked it I did not have a tax return for this year.

My heart sank. It was gone. My tax return for 2014-2015 had vanished.

And then I realised something. I have not yet filed a tax return for 2014-2015 because that financial year has not finished yet! And the return I needed was for 2013-2014 and I had that in my hand.


Do you ever search for what does not exist?


So you have never looked for the perfect partner, job or house – where there is nothing wrong with it at all, it is flawless – so that you will be happy?

You have never bought a lottery ticket (or raffle ticket) or entered a competition and had a feeling that ‘this time’ you would win and life will be better?

You have never caught yourself imagining a different life where ‘the grass is greener’ and you never have any problems?

I think that part of the way that we have been designed is to seek the best, to have ambitions, hopes and dreams. I that is one of God’s fingerprints that is left on us – a desire for improvement, for progress, wanting something better. But it is not intended to be focused on ourselves, it is intended to be focused on others.

But we distort that through selfishness to become wanting to improve our life, make progress for ourselves, wanting something better for us. When we want more, better, perfect in order to make our life easier, better, happier, we find that we will be striving for what doesn’t exist and lose a sense of satisfaction.

Paradoxically those who seek to serve others often find greater satisfaction than those who seek others to serve them (my loose paraphrase of things Jesus said).

Be blessed, be a blessing