the Baptist who refused to get wet

Yesterday I was challenged to tip a bucket of icy water over my head and give some money to charity. If I am honest I am surprised that it took people that long to nominate me. The person who challenged me also included a sensitive ‘this is optional’ clause and I sensitively opted out. That may surprise you because if anyone should be keen on getting wet it should be a Baptist Minister!

It’s not because I am a wuss (although I may be). It’s not because I am against having fun or looking silly (read the rest of my bloggages and see the photos below if you doubt me). It’s not because I am against the important charity that is being supported through this (they are a worthy cause and have done so well to raise money and awareness through this challenge). It’s not even because I am a stubborn bloke who doesn’t go along with the crowd (you can debate this one if you like). 

It’s because my charity giving is between me and the charities I support.  I chose those charities because they are working in areas and ways that I want to support not because someone challenged me to support them. I chose to support those charities quietly, under the radar, without publicity. I support because I thought not because of a well-intentioned challenge. 

Jesus said, “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,  so that your giving may be in secret.”

And to me that settles the matter. I can’t do the ice bucket challenge because if I am going to tip a bucket of icy water over my head I am going to need both hands!

I hope you realise that last statement was facetious… but actually I do think that giving to others should be between us and the others, witnessed only by God.

Now, please, if you have given by tipping a bucket of icy water over your head, if you intend to, if you have given in other ways to that charity, bless you. Well done. Congratulations. I am not criticising you. I am just trying to explain why I have declined. If you have done the challenge, can I challenge you further: don’t let your giving cease once you have dried off and warmed up.

childhood nickIn the spirit of making a fool of myself in public (which seems to be behind the viral spread of the ice bucket challenge) I am posting some photos of me as a child for your entertainment.

Yes, I am in all four photos!

Be blessed, be a blessing.