just to reassure you

Hi, thanks for the many messages I received after my last bloggage, and thank you for your kind and generous thoughts, I really appreciate them. I also feel a bit bad that you wrote them in response to what I wrote because I think the way I wrote it suggested that I am still encountering the pain of the migraine and cluster headaches. I’m not in pain. Sorry if that’s what I communicated. What I was trying to say is that while the migraine and cluster headaches are still firing away inside my head the ONS means that my brain ignores the signals from them and I don’t feel any pain. 🙂

If / when the ONS expires the pain would come back rapidly but please don’t feel sorry for me or unnecessarily impressed at the moment!

I have adjusted the text in the bloggage in a way that I hope avoids that confusion.

Be blessed, be a blessing (and thanks to all who were a blessing to me)


no pain, just confusion in here!