the ring of truth!?

God’s timing is incredible (you’d expect it to be really) but it’s wonderful when he uses us as part of his split second timing. This has happened twice in my experience in the last couple of days: phone calls have been made at exactly the right time. On one occasion the person had just been praying that someone would get in touch with them and a friend rang them. On the other occasion I had been prevented from contacting the person on three previous occasions and when I eventually got through it was exactly the right moment to speak with them.

We could put this down to coincidence, but I think that is rather unlikely (!) given how frequently it happens. We could put this down to us being super spiritually in tune with God (!) but I think this is rather unlikely given how it’s not true (for me at least). So I have to put it down to God’s intervention at the right time – and he graciously has used us for that. In the passage where Jesus was somewhat obscurely talking about sheep and goats and the end time (Matthew 25) he refers to the way in which when we do something for someone else we are doing it for him. Obviously he did not mention phone calls or e-mails but I think that he uses these today as much as he uses feeding people, living thirsty people something to drink, welcoming strangers, or visiting the sick. That’s not to say we should neglect these other things!

Some people call these occasions “divine appointments”. I’m not entirely sure about that name but I do feel really blessed when I have been able to be used like that.

Be blessed, be a blessing (even unwittingly!)