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    Words can be more slippery than soap in a bath. Just when you think you have got hold of them, whoops – there it goes again. I have been reflecting this week on one of Jesus’ parables – it’s in Luke 16:19-31(you can read it here). It is the parable about the poor man, Lazarus,…

  • Story

    A brief poetic bloggage from a coffee shop. If yesterday is history And tomorrow’s a mystery Today is His story That He blends with my story Be blessed, be a blessing

  • the stigmatised blonde and the 3 ursine mammals

    Once upon a time there was little girl called Goldilocks. She had always felt slightly stigmatised by her name and the inferences people had made from it that she was a dumb blonde. One day she decided to go for a walk in the forest. Sadly she did little to suggest that the inference was…