musings on grass*

Vibrantly persistent meadow grass dances rhythmically to the beat of a breeze

that breathes politely across taken-for-granted landscapes

carpeted in verdant swathes of emerald deep pile.


Flexible it bends before the strongest gale.

Ever-thirsty it greedily consumes the heaviest rainfall

yet dries buttery-beige under the summer sun

to yield, apparently barren, to scythes and balers

and become fodder and bedding

for cloven-hoofed creatures.


And yet, somehow, this humble dried bed-food

was worthy of cushioning the God-child

as confused cattle looked down at a new-born gate-crasher

wriggling, gurgling, crying, hungry and helpless

in their feeding trough.


Vibrant, verdant, flexible and fruitful times do not last.

But even that which has been cut down and seems dead and dry

can become a surprising bed of welcome and encounter with God-with-us, Immanuel.


*I am aware that this title carries a certain amount of playful ambiguity but assure you that this poem was not created under the influence of any substances.

When you cancel and are blessed by the response

Mobile blogging. Just when you thought you were safe because I’m not near my computer…

I’ve already had an interesting morning. Up earlier than usual so I could go to the place where I’d booked my car in for some work. I allowed 30 minutes to get across town and needed just 7 because it seems that nobody else needed to be out that early.

I wanted to get there promptly because I needed to ask if I could cancel the booking for several reasons you don’t need to be bothered about. I didn’t simply want to fail to turn up or do it on the phone to be told that I had to fulfil my side of the contract and turn up late.

When a man from the garage turned up I spoke to him and explained that I’d come to apologize and ask if I could cancel. He was somewhat taken aback. He said that people often cancel but I got the impression that few turn up in person to apologize.

Two short thoughts: what a shame that he was surprised; and his response oozed grace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Christians constantly surprised people and exceeded expectations (extra mile and all that). And wouldn’t it be brilliant if people blogged about how full of grace their local churches are. Of course the churches are the people, so it starts with us…

Be blessed, be a blessing.