for the victims of violence

Violence appears strong: it intimidates; it wounds; it destroys; it instils fear; it undermines; it screams; it demands; it provokes negative reactions; it kills.

And grace and love appear weak: they can be trampled underfoot; they can be ignored; they can be pushed around and taken advantage of; they can be shouted down; they can be ridiculed.

But violence cannot create unconditional loyalty; it cannot diffuse tension; it cannot calm down; it cannot relax someone; it cannot restore; it cannot build up; it cannot bring peace.

Only love and grace can do that.

Love and grace win in the end because they go to the core of a person’s being and inspire, bless, encourage, enhance, affirm, disarm, reconnect, and want the best for others. They bring about peace through the indomitable power of forgiveness.


what’s God like?

After the brutal attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo yesterday I have an observation which is pertinent (I think) whatever faith (or non faith) you have:

If your God can’t laugh at himself and you feel the need to defend him (violently), perhaps he’s too small and you’re too big.

Be blessed, be a blessing

An image showing snapped pencils posted by artist Banksy

Image from Banksy