a propos of almost nothing

This is mostly a selection of musings from the unfathomed depths of my consciousness.

Have a look at the bloggage I wrote on 23rd January. You can follow a link to it here. In particular have a look at the photo, and then compare it to this one. What’s different?

2015-02-05 11.51.56You may not be able to see very clearly, but keep looking. Something is different. It’s not the number of birds, although that is technically a difference.

There is one bird that is out of place.

The one perched on the roof ridge is a seagull not a pigeon or dove.

My daftness made me wonder why it is there. Does it want to join the club? Does it think that because there is a crowd something good must be going on so it’s joining in? Does it have aspirations to be a pigeon or a dove? Is it spying on them ready for a seagull takeover? Or was it just resting there en route to the nearest sea / refuse site?

Of course some of you may be wondering why I seem to be spending all my time watching the roof of a nearby house! It’s a house we can see from the kitchen windows of our house so I observe it naturally when washing up or making a cup of coffee (I will let you decide which I do more frequently!).

And in answer to the question I posed in my former bloggage about the birds on the roof, when we had a recent dusting of snow it disappeared from that roof before those around it, suggesting that the tiles are warmer and probably an indication that the insulation needs improving. I wonder whether insulation sellers go around after it has snowed looking for those sorts of house – it would make a strong visual selling point. [note to self if I ever become an insulation salesperson, check out house roofs when it has snowed]

And if you can apply any of that to yourself, brilliant, if not I hope you enjoyed a brief foray into the impenetrable jungle that is my mind – this was written yesterday and scheduled for today because today I am going to enjoy a day off.

Be blessed, be a blessing

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