Another point of view launched into the ether

So… way later than the keen bloggers I have finally decided to air my thoughts on the web. “Why did you take so long?” I hear you ask (or was that “Why didn’t you wait longer”?). Well, to be honest, part of the reason is that other blogs I read seem so wise / funny / relevant that I was not sure that I could add anything useful to the blogisphere. And, if I am being REALLY honest, laziness is another reason – can I be bothered to keep posting?

Well, I have decided that these are not good reasons not to do anything. Laziness is just inertia with attitude (my thought for the day!). And if no-one else wants to read my blog, so what?

So what can you expect from me? I suspect that I will be posting jokes on a regular basis, perhaps the occasional philosophical whimsy, and seeing things from my point of view. I think that the following may be a good illustration.

After a three hour summing up in court the judge was almost asleep when the lawyer said, “… and that concludes the case for the defence.”

The judge was rather irritated that his time had been wasted so he replied: “Thank you, Mr Feldspar. However, after three hours of you talking I am still none the wiser.”

“Possibly not M’lud,” replied the lawyer, “but you are far better informed!”

2 thoughts on “Another point of view launched into the ether

  1. >Hello Nick,It is a good start. If no one else takes the time to read it, I certainly will. Well…not because of its content but rather bacause of the jokes. (Just joking) Keep on blogging, friend. Just a word of warning – blogging is a commitment. You have to keep posting. I did not managed with mine but plan to start again soon.BestVASKO

  2. >So glad you have got started!! I shall log in each day to see what you are up to – your life as a Baptist Minister has got to be more exciting than alot of our mundane lifes! You only put the post on just ove 2 hours ago and have had 2 comments already – can't be bad!Ang

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