The inner monologue

I was in a meeting earlier this week, talking about websites, and I mentioned this blog. My colleague Lynsey (who tells me she only has fruit tea once or twice a month [update for ‘waiting room-inations’ post]) said that she could not write a blog because she does not have an inner monologue running.

I did not realise that I had one. I have always thought of inner monologues being like JD on the awesome Scrubs* and I didn’t think I narrate my life to myself. However, as I reflected more on Lynsey’s statement (she’s always worth listening to) I wondered to myself whether it was true and had a moment of self-awareness. In wondering whether it was true, was I running an inner monologue? And in typing that question into the blog am I becoming like Carrie from the not as awesome Sex in the City?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with this. It was just a surprise to realise that it was true and to understand that this probably is what enables me to blogify. It’s actually quite liberating to realise. All that this blog is doing is releasing that inner monologue into the wild to roam free and express itself like Free Willy making his jump for freedom. Jump little thoughts, jump!

examples of JD inner monologues

“I think the easiest way to lose something is to want it too badly… Of course, it doesn’t help if your friend is a diabolical genius.” (When Elliot has foiled his attempt to get together with Molly).

“As Turk and I recuperated from our big chair swap, I wondered what other couples were doing tonight… Did I just refer to Turk and I as a couple?”

Danni: “Sorry. Sometimes I have an inner monologue running through my head.”
JD’s inner monologue: “Inner monologue? Weirdo!”

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