circular blogging

There is a risk that I may create some sort of vortex of mutual appreciation that sucks in the whole Universe, but here goes anyway.

I was stunned this morning to see that my ickle blog was mentioned in the Baptist Union’s daily E-news sweep email. If you came here as a result of that, bless you! If you have not heard of it and would like a daily summary of some of the news items and happenings of the day from a Christian-faith perspective then follow the link back to their website to sign up. In the words of Darth Vader – at last the circle is complete.

If you are still reading this it seems that the Universe has not been sucked into a vortex so I think I have got away with it.

I have been considering other ways in which I remember to pray for people (following on from yesterday’s post). One is by linking them with the cars that they drive. When I see a similar car I remember to pray for them. The trick here then is to drive a common car so I pray for you often. Anyone in a Bugatti Veyron is unlikely to be prayed for often using this method. (not that anyone in our church owns a Bugatti Veyron!). Another is when I am in our church on my own I look around and visualise people sitting in their usual seats. That would be scuppered if people moved around a lot, but on the whole we are creatures of habit!

I find that the prayer prompts from Word Live are helpful to me too, as well as providing daily Bible study and reflection.

One final prayer prompt is listening to worship songs as I drive or work in my study. That does not so much prompt me to pray on behalf of others as to pray prayers of praise back to God. I can sometimes be seen in my car singing my lungs out as I drive. If you see me, please relax – the soundproofing is fairly good!

Star Wars joke:
Luke Skywalker goes into a Chinese Restaurant and orders Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork Balls and Egg Fried Rice. When it arrives he takes out his chopsticks and starts trying to eat. But try as he might he cannot get any food into his mouth. He is exasperated and frustrated until he hears a voice in his head:

“Luke, use the forks!”

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One response to “circular blogging”

  1. >Should probably comment on the profound thoughts of praying for others … but … I really creased up at the Star Wars joke even though I heard it before!! Magic. Loving your blog.

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