My life as a ninja parachutist

Recently the blog posts have been almost daily. That is due in the main to me having too much time on my hands and the opportunity to do lots of thinking. This MAY change over the next week or so, as I start to ease myself back into work following my operation.

I am trying to do things that I have not done for a while in order to try to resume a normal life. Things such as preaching on Sunday morning, driving my car and falling down steps. It remains to be seen how I will do on Sunday. The driving my car experiment went okay (just around the quiet roads near our house) but I also discovered I am not quite ready yet. 

modern stairsThe falling down steps happened involuntarily yesterday (not quite as many steps as in the picture!). I slipped going into our back garden and fortunately rolled on landing rather than going ‘splat’. A face-plant into the lawn is never a good idea. I thought I had landed okay (parachutist-style (or even ninja-style as one friend suggests)) but today I have discovered that muscles I have not used for a while because of convalescing are protesting at suddenly being called into action. At least the brain-buzzing is still working.
So what’s the point I am making of this?

Hmm. Not sure. 

I think it is something to do with being aware of our limitations but not being restricted by them. With God’s help we can do more than we could imagine we could do on our own. But my experience tells me that this happens best when I am doing the sorts of things he wants me to do, using the gifts and talents he has given me and am relying on him first rather than as a fall-back position (did you see what I did there?!).

What are a stuntman’s last words?
“Hey, watch this!”

[Severe groan warning for following joke]
A Hollywood stuntman who could perform any deed was hired to perform in a thrilling Western movie. The script called on the stuntman to become a kind of springboard. To help the white settlers escape the pursuing native Americans, the script called for the daredevil to lie on a cliff’s edge and push out as far as he could, holding his body stiff so that the settlers could use the extra six feet provided to jump safely to the other side.

The stuntman thought that this particular deed was so hazardous that he should be paid double time for his efforts. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t convince the producer that the stunt was worthy of extra pay. He would only get the same amount he got for stunts with daggers

Morosely, as he went through with it and jutted from the cliff, he murmured to himself mournfully, “Here I am, a ledge end on my own knife-time.”

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