>dabbling in dark arts

>I have been dabbling in the dark arts this week.

No, not those dark arts. I have been trying to understand the vagaries and mysteries of email. I have been setting up the email system on our new computer at church and thought I had won, until I had a phone call from the office this morning to say that some expected emails had not arrived. We tried resending them and still they did not arrive. One of the emails that is currently lost in the ether was from me, so I tried resending it in configurations. Whatever I did I could not get an email through with an attachment which normally would cause no problems. Grrr.

Later I sent another email with an attachment and that went through without a problem.



No way!

I have tried to understand but have decided that email configuration is definitely a dark art and it is not something I will ever fully understand. I expect that next week the emails in question will go flooding into the office email inbox.

The good news is that every prayer we offer gets through to God every time. Nothing we offer him is rejected or undeliverable. We can tell him whatever we want, and my understanding is that he would rather we were honest with him than pretend, No need for fancy words or stock phrases. Just tell it like it is.

“I’m sorry, again.”
“Thank you, I don’t feel like I deserve it.”
“Please help me to understand.”
“Give me your grace, please, because I can’t cope.”
“I’m tired and grumpy.”

And so on…

So what would you say to God right now? What’s on your mind? Say it!


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