we are martian in the light of God

I recently was asked to do a talk on ‘What is a Christian?’ I decided that, among other things, a Christian is like a  martian.

[pause for effect]

[pause longer for the penny to drop]

For those who have not quite got the message, it’s not because people think we are weird, have green skin or will suck people’s brains out. It’s about origins. Martians are called Martians because their origins are in Mars. We are Christians because our spiritual origins are in Christ.

What does that mean? It means we are adopted into his family. It means he is the source of our faith and salvation. It means that we owe him everything. 

How does that affect me? It should lead me to live with an attitude of gratitude. ‘Thank you’ ought to be near the top of my list of words in my praying. 

More ‘ian’s to follow…

Some Martians were cruising through space when they suddenly got the urge to try some Earth food. They had no local currency so they decided to steal some Mars Bars from the local shop. They slipped into the shop, while the shopkeeper wasn’t looking and slipped out again unnoticed.
“Stop! You never paid for those!” shouted the shopkeeper.

The Martians dropped the bars and ran. They hopped on their bike, and zoomed back to the mothership. Their mother was furious with them: “You should be ashamed of yourselves. You couldn’t even take a few Mars Bars from an Earthshop without getting caught. What happened?”

“I don’t know how the shopkeeper saw us,” said one of the young Martians, “She must have eyes in the front of her head!”

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