getting cold feet for a great reason

There are times when God absolutely blesses your socks off. This weekend is going to be one of those.

On Sunday I have the joy and privilege of baptising three people from our church. They are all young yet have very different testimonies about what Jesus has done in their lives. There are many joys I experience as a Baptist Minister but baptising believers is right up there near the top of the list, just below leading people to faith in Jesus.

[Voom] – that is the sound of a sock being blessed off.

It gets better.

“No!” I hear you cry. “That is not possible!”

Yup. It really does get better. As brilliant as it will be to baptise Amy and Sarah, and as great a joy that will be, it will be extra special when I baptise Thomas. He is my son. What an immense privilege!

[Voooom] – that is the sound of another sock being blessed off.

I don’t have any socks left, but I am sure that God will not stop there – he’s like that. Socks may be flying everywhere this weekend, and if you are in the Colchester area and want to lose some hosiery then feel free to come and join us at 10.30.

Be blessed!

There will not be any of this on Sunday, our pool is not deep enough, but enjoy the video anyway.

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