through the looking glass?

Vicar in sermon: “This morning as I was shaving I was thinking about my sermon and cut myself.”
Comment on door after service: “Next time Vicar, think about shaving and cut the sermon.”

This morning as I was shaving I had a thought: why is it that I go bald on the top of my head and not at all on my face? I would much rather be facially bald and not have to shave while having a full head of hair. What is the benefit to me of having a bald head and a hairy face? My wife refuses to kiss me if I have facial hair (I had to have a goatee for a short while when I cut my chin open and could not shave) and my head gets cold in the winter. Some error in the evolutionary process surely.

Me as a lego character

So, my little blogophiles, what does this depilatory rumination suggest to you? Has God made a mistake? When he was designing the male head did someone cross the wires? Is this God’s way of making things easier for himself (see Matthew 10:30)? Or is it God’s way of ensuring that male vanity is kept under control?

I would venture to suggest that none of the above is true. I know that I am known by God better than I know myself. And yes he does know how many hairs are on my head, but he is more interested in who I am than how I am. No, God has not made a mistake, but he has made me. My baldness is part of that. I find that it is a trigger for humour and laughter (not always instigated by me, admittedly). Accepting that I am bald (and steadfastly refusing the comb-over option) has been healthy for me as I realise that God loves me as I am, even more than Sally does. Accepting our bodies comes from recognising that God accepts us for who we are.

But most of all the shiny pate that greets me when I look in the mirror reminds me that God does not want me to remain the same. Not so much physically (although I could lose a couple of pounds) and definitely not by wearing a wig or getting a hair transplant, but spiritually. He wants me to mature, to grow, to be better than I was this time last year – and he gives me his Spirit to help me to do this. A while ago Sally found a photo that was taken on the day we got engaged. I love that photo because when I look at it I am very different today. I hope and pray that this is not just because I had a fuller head of hair!

And anyway bald men have a great advantage over those who have hair. Although it takes us longer to wash our face it takes less time to wash and dry our hair.

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