there’s snow business like…

Snow has finally hit Colchester today. But (other than that initial comment) this is not going to be a snow-related blog entry. After all, it is not the first time that snow has fallen in the UK and there are many places in the world that would regard our reaction to a snowfall as rather pathetic. I have friends in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia who might even regard our weather as being ‘Spring-like’ and I heard of one friend who is in the UK from such a cold place who felt that it was quite balmy.

I have an Australian friend, currently living in Colchester, who has never seen snow before. At the weekend she was desperate for it to snow. The light scattering we had yesterday sent her delirious with joy: comparing the scene to a snow-globe, so she may well have exploded this morning when looking out on the cold whiteness. She reminds me of a friend from Sardinia who had never seen snow before and was like a three year-old when it snowed at a conference we were attending. She hurtled outside and was frolicking around, laughing and shouting. She made snow-angels, threw snowballs and made snowmen. For those of us who had seen snow before it was quite amusing and bemusing.

But I said I was not going to make this a snow-related blog, didn’t I? Isn’t it funny how we start off with the best of intentions and before we know it have done what we said we wouldn’t. That is my experience in my following Jesus. I make him (and myself) promises about how I would like to be and ask for his help to become more like him and before I know it I have performed a Britney Spears number. No, this is not an admission of cross-dressing, it is a reference to her song, “Oops I did it again!”

I know that God knows my heart. He knows that when I make the promises I mean it. He knows that when I try in his strength I want to succeed. He knows that I want to improve, to follow Jesus more closely and to be more like the person he created me to be. He knows that I hate letting other people down, letting him down and letting myself down.

On Sunday evening we sang the great hymn ‘Love divine, all loves excelling’ which includes the line: “Take away the love of sinning.” Amen. The problem is that I am a flawed human being who is attempting, with God’s help, to follow Jesus. When I fall short of my own hopes and God’s expectations I rely once again on God’s limitless love, grace, patience, forbearance and forgiveness. And remarkably he gives it. “Wow, he did it again!”

Classic joke from The Vicar of Dibley:

An inflatable boy was at a school…

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