Some people won’t be on the pitch…

Gross generalisation the first: there is a sense of collective disappointment across the country because FIFA is not holding a World Cup Finals in England for at least the next 20 years.

Gross generalisation the second: the sense of collective disappointment is concentrated among the males in the population.

Gross generalisation the third: lots of people are blaming the media (The Sunday Times and BBC’s Panorama) for us not being awarded the Finals in 2018 because they ‘exposed’ alleged corruption within FIFA.

If, in reading these gross generalisations, you found yourself thinking, ‘I don’t agree with that statement,’ it confirms their identity as gross generalisations. If you found yourself thinking, ‘I agree with these statements,’ it confirms that they are true. Either way I win. Woohoo.

In churches we are not usually crushed in the stampede to volunteer to help out with different activities. I have a dream that one day it will be like some of my primary school lessons where every child had their hand in the air desperate for the teacher to pick them.

Let’s magnify that dream a lot. What would the world be like if countries spent as much time and effort  trying to eradicate poverty, hunger, homelessness, deprivation, people-trafficking, unfair trade practices, exploitation, bonded labour… as they have done trying to be awarded the World Cup Finals?

Is that just a dream? Is it only going to happen in a parallel Universe? Or can we make it happen through prayer, campaigning, lobbying, and action? If you are on Facebook and want to make a start, sign up for Superbadger from Tearfund.

One last thing. Qatar 2022???? See this video for an example of the quality of Qatari football.

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