I have had an idea for a blog entry. The trouble is that every time I think of it I am nowhere near my computer and don’t have pen and paper available so I promise myself I won’t forget it and will remember when I sit down at the computer. The last thing I want to do is forget it!

So, the last thing I have done is forget it. It has gone from my accessible memory. I know it’s in there somewhere but the part of my brain that goes to fetch the stored memories and bring them into my consciousness has malfunctioned / is on strike / is too tired / all of them (delete as you think appropriate).

It is so frustrating because I have a memory of how I felt when I thought of the idea and it was good. I was pleased with myself.


Is it easier to remember feelings rather than ideas? We can often recall how we felt at a particular time: happy, sad, worried, calm, ebullient, sluggish, optimistic, pessimistic and so not. But we may not be able to recall the details of the events that led to those feelings. And those feelings can be stirred by something that reminds us of the events. A photograph, a smell, a type of car… the stimulus for those remembered feelings can be almost anything.

Modern Stained Glass
Not quite what GITP looked like

On Saturday we held our first ‘Get in the Picture‘ event outside our church. We invited passers-by and people attending a wonderful event at our church called ‘Everlasting Christmas’ to dress up in Nativity outfits and have their photo taken in the stable that we have outside our church. Lots of people were not interested or were embarrassed, but as they saw what was going on we had a growing number of people who decided that they would like to do this. Some just put on the headgear (tea towels, sheets, halos or crowns) while others went for the full experience. It was great fun.

I hope that the photos (which we made available for them to download from the GITP website) will provoke memories – and if the only memory is that they had good fun at our church then it was a success. If they associate that good feeling with the Christmas story, even better!

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