I wish to register a complaint…

Quick postage today.

I recently sent an old phone off to one of these companies that offers you a fortune for them. Got an email back confirming it had been received and saying they would only pay 50% of the original quote. I phoned them to be told that the screen had some ‘shading’ on it. It wasn’t there when I sent it! Grrr. Now I have to try to persuade Royal Mail’s Special Delivery peeps to reimburse the difference. Not convinced I will be successful.

Don’t Complain department joke[I have just realised that there is a pun in the opening sentence when read with the second paragraph, which was entirely unintentional.]

Anyhoo. The point is that when things and people do not live up to our expectations we have some choices:

We can sulk. (won’t get us anywhere)
We can complain. (may get some results if there is a genuine grievance, otherwise see answer to sulking)
We can keep quiet about it. (will avoid conflict but unlikely to avoid future occurrences)
We can decide to do things differently next time. (assumes we have some control)
We can point out the problems and seek a better solution. (may be helpful to all involved so long as other party is willing to receive constructive help)
We can pray about it. (you were waiting for that one! This may not lead to a change of outcome but may lead to a change of our attitude)
We can try to work out what Jesus would do and do that. (not so easy when it’s a problem with postage)
We can call down some bears from a nearby wood (see 2 Kings 2:23-24, with which I have a certain affinity)
We can do some or all of the above.

For me the key questions are: ‘what is just?’ and ‘what is loving?’ These seem to be the main themes behind how Jesus dealt with people. If there is a conflict between the two, err on the side of love.

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