On November 30 I linked to a Youtube clip from the Vicar of Dibley, where the Vicar tells a joke about an inflatable boy. If you don’t know it I would advise you to go to that blog post and watch the video before coming back here and carrying on as I am about to focus on the punchline of the joke.



I assume you have done that. If not I hope you don’t mind me carrying on while you check it out.

The punchline of the joke is that the inflatable boy had let everyone down. I was reminded of this joke yesterday when someone who had made a public gaffe issued an apology in which they said that they had let other people down. The thought occurred to me that the implications of our sin are almost always wider than we think. They spread out inexorably like ripples on a pond from a stone that is dropped.

Waterscapes 1
For example:
It is estimated that uninsured drivers cost those who are insured over £2billion in total, which is experienced through increased premiums.

That’s okay, I am fully insured.

If we got unjustly angry with someone that will have upset them. But then they may not deal well with the sense of injustice and upset and they may take it out on someone else…


If we are trying to be free samples of Jesus to those around us, how we act and react will affect what they think Jesus is like.


And so on. It is said that there is no victimless crime. Similarly no sin happens in isolation. If nothing else we let ourselves down, we let those who love us down, we let God down.

There used to be a ‘Green Cross Code’ for crossing roads – stop (before you cross the road), look (both ways to see if cars are coming), listen (for any traffic that you cannot see). Not a bad idea to follow the Clean Cross Code – stop (and think about what you are doing), look (at the implications), listen (to the Spirit and what he is telling you).

Why did the chicken stop halfway when crossing the road?

She wanted to lay it on the line.

Why did the duck cross the road?

The chicken had retired and moved to Eastbourne.

What was the farmer doing on the other side of the road?

Catching chickens.

Why did the chicken go to the building site?

He had heard there was a man laying bricks.

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