Still Not Convinced My Parents... funny fridge magnet
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In the big scheme of things, this is rather a petty post. We are having a new fridge today. In fact the blokes are bringing it into the house as I type. It was needed because our old one kept freezing everything – things in the fridge bit, not just the freezer. It was being over-zealous. No matter how much we turned it down (as close to ‘off’ as possible while still being ‘on’) the fridge kept freezing.

It’s a simple thought, but I wonder whether there are things that I am doing zealously for God where he does not want me to overdo it. When has he turned the thermostat down and suggested I ‘chill’ and instead I am still going all out for ‘freeze’? Examples may be the guilt I feel about not visiting enough people in the church, or the sense of responsibility for everything that goes on in the life of the church, or the expectation that I will know everything that is happening.

So, deep breath, relax, sit back and trust that God has got it all under control and does not need me to burn out on his behalf (to change the temperature setting inappropriately).

Bless you!

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