We had to sleep with the windows open a couple of nights ago. It was too hot. The open windows let in the cooler air. Job done. Unfortunately they also let in the sound of the dawn chorus.

In the garden, just below our bedroom window, is a large bush / small tree that houses about a million sparrows. Every morning as it gets light the sparrows start tweeting. No, not sending messages of 140 characters to each other on their phones or laptops. They just start going tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. It is as if they have never experienced the dawn before. Or perhaps they have very short memories and each morning’s sunrise is a surprise. But why do they need to be so noisy about it? Why do they need to tweet their little heads off to let each other know that the day is starting again? And why do they have to do it so blooming early?

I don’t tweet

A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush but that’s because it is likely to be quieter!

The sparrows in the bush are not the only birds causing us problems. One (or more) have managed to find a way into our loft. I would not mind too much except that they have decided to use our loft as a toilet. That’s not very pleasant, nor is it good manners. They would not like it if I visited their nest and… (let’s not go there). We will have to take measures to close off their point of entry and hope they do not have a set of tools up there that will enable them to break in again.

And then there are the pigeons. There are a few pigeons that frequent our neighbourhood. But there seem to be two in particular who spend their time courting and, erm, well, doing what comes naturally. On the top of our fence. On the roof opposite our kitchen window. On another roof overlooking our garden while we are sitting in the garden (and perilously close to a skylight in that roof). I want to shout at them, “Get a nest!” Why do they insist on procreating around our garden all the time? Are they being filmed for an X-rated film for birds?

So, other than giving me an opportunity to whinge, what is the point of this bloggerel? Well… bear with me… it’s not to do with the pigeon porn, nor is it to do with the unwelcome gifts from the bird in the loft. It’s about the early birds. Each morning they get excited because the sun is coming up. It’s a new day.

Your royal grumpiness struggles in the morning. But I have the same opportunity as the sparrows. God has given me a new day with new opportunities. Opportunities to encounter him in the people I meet as well as in the pages of the Bible. Opportunities to serve as well as to be served. Opportunities to rejoice, be glad, celebrate and give thanks to God for the new day. Tweet, tweet tweet!

By the way, this Easter the joy, surprise and reality of Jesus’ resurrection has come home to me even more strongly than usual. TWEETY TWEET TWEET TWEET!!!

Remember though – the early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Be blessed, be a blessing!

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