hair today, goon tomorrow

cover your hairloss by sitting next to your daughter

I need to face the bald facts. My hair is disappearing. Male Pattern Baldness is here to stay. I was reflecting on this fact today as I cut my hair and have discerned a few warning signals that some of you may like to consider for yourself or the men in your lives…

Signs you are going bald:
1. It takes longer to wash your face than cut your hair.
2. Your barber gives you a discount.
3. You get more annoyed at bad hairstyles from people who have hair.
4. You find yourself (for just a millisecond) wondering if you could emulate Donald Trump and get away with it.
5. Your children look at your wedding photos and laugh at how much hair you had.
6. You realise that God is now counting backwards. (Matthew 10:30)

If you experience one of these signs you may be going bald. If you have experienced them all then you are going bald. I have experienced them all. I should say that number 4 was only for a fraction of a part of a millisecond. I mean… seriously? Could you imagine if he did get elected as President of the USA? I suppose one benefit would be that in all of the photocalls everyone would be smiling broadly.

I can remember the moment when I first contemplated my hair loss. I was at Spurgeon’s College and bumped into the lovely man who used to be one of my ministers in Torquay (hi Pete!). He was never afraid to say what he thought and simply said, “Ooh, you’re losing your hair a bit aren’t you?”

I denied it at the time but then rushed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see, to my horror, that he was right. The hairline was receding at the sides above my temples. Accepting the truth was not easy, but I am now comfortable with the reality of my hairloss and am not going to waste time or money on products that claim to make hair regrow or transplants. However there was an interesting article on the news yesterday about a new product…

The point I want to make is that Pete was not afraid to speak the truth. I might not have wanted to hear it or admit it, but it was the truth nonetheless. Jesus invites us all to speak the truth, but laced with compassion and love. It’s not easy. How can we tell someone that their critical attitude is upsetting others without upsetting them? How can we explain to someone that they have a personal hygiene problem? How can we ask someone to stop gossiping? How can we tell someone that they need to apologise to someone else for an unfounded accusation?

I think that the answer to those is that they are not easy, but the depth and quality of our relationships with those people will make it easier. If we claim to speak out of love but don’t actually demonstrate that love then we are like a resounding gong… it makes a big noise and will annoy people but it won’t help much.

Be blessed. Be a blessing

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