Apology continued

Yesterday Blogger were doing some ‘essential maintenance’ whatever that is, which meant that I was unable to post anything to this Blog. I hope those of you who made the journey through cyberspace yesterday were not too disappointed (or too delighted) to find that there was nothing new here. Perhaps you took the opportunity to look back over previous entries you missed… or perhaps you went and did something more sensible instead.


Here’s a lickle joke for you in honour of the fact that I had a golf lesson yesterday:

A golf club (1 wood) walks into a bar and orders a pint of beer.

“Sorry, I can’t serve you,” says the barman.

“Why not?” asks the golf club indignantly.

“Because you’ll be driving later.”

Right, for those of you who are groaning and complaining, you only have yourselves to blame. The opening sentence should have warned you – a walking, talking, beer-drinking golf club????

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