checking in

I am currently on a train, on my way to London to a hospital appointment. It’s a routine check to monitor how well my cyber-brain is working.

As part of the preparation for these appointments I have to keep an hourly headache diary for the preceding two weeks. This means rating the pain levels on a scale of 0-10 on the hour. It’s a bit of a bind but will provide evidence of the improvement.

It has challenged me to think about how frequently I monitor my spiritual health. Do I leave it for a few months at a time or am I constantly monitoring it? I have found that if I am following Jesus closer the spiritual health is better.

So how do I monitor my spiritual health? For me it is being conscious of how often I pray, how often I think of Jesus and what he would want me to do, how I feel about singing worship songs / hymns, and how often I read my Bible. But doing these things for me, not as a professional Christian.

And when I am out of touch? Praying helps (but if I am honest it doesn’t always come easily). Books help me (if they are about feeding my soul). Friends energise me. And the remembering of how good it is when I am closer motivates me in the same way that I look forward to spending quality time with my wife, our children and my friends.
That only scratches the surface of possibilities. Feel free to share what blesses you.

Be a blessing. Be blessed.

There is now an atheist helpline. You ring and ring but there’s nobody there to answer!

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