the fruit of the burger

Yesterday was brilliant. We had a lovely service in which we baptised two people with very different testimonies, as I mentioned last week.

just a bun so that my veggie friends are not offended

It was very moving to hear how Dan had turned up at an outreach event we were hosting for Hope in Colchester (Hope 08), drawn by the music. He sat and listened and someone invited him to come to church the next day. He has been coming since then and gave a moving testimony about how he has given his life to Jesus and is committed to following him. If you were part of the Hope 08 event, be blessed and be encouraged about the fruit of that day. Those who organised it, hosted it, played and sang, cooked burgers on the barbecue and gave them out, chatted to the people on our forecourt or in the street, be encouraged because God used that event as a significant milestone on Dan’s journey of faith.

We often don’t get the privilege of knowing that something small we said or did made a significant difference to people’s lives. They move on, we move on, time passes and we forget all about it. Adeyinka, the other person we baptised on Sunday, said in his testimony that I said something to him which helped him decide to be baptised. I honestly can’t remember it. But God used that moment to bless and encourage him.

I want to encourage you to keep on being a free sample of Jesus this week. You may never know the impact it makes on others around you, but God is at work behind the scenes and he can turn a sentence into a new chapter in someone’s life. He can transform a cup of coffee into living water (water into wine is nothing!) He can change a phone call into a conversation with him.

I also want to encourage you to pause and marvel at how incredible God is. He takes ordinary acts from ordinary people and does something extraordinary with them that translates into faith.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

Burger-related joke

At a local Burger King an elderly couple came in and ordered one burger, one order of fries and one coke with two glasses. When they got to their booth, the man placed a napkin in front of himself and one in front of his wife, then proceeded to divide the fries, cut the burger in half and divided the coke equally.

A gentleman nearby noticed and offered to buy them another burger, fries and Coke.

The woman then said, “No you don’t understand. We’ve been married over 50 years and all our life we agreed to split everything right down the middle.”

Her husband then began eating, as she sat with her hands in her lap.

The gentleman nearby noticed and asked the lady why she wasn’t eating.

She replied, “As I said before, we split everything right down the middle, and it’s his day to use the teeth first.”

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