open minds

Mind the GAPIt’s later in the day than I had planned to post this, but I hope you won’t mind. Actually this bloggerel is all about minding. Or at least the opening of minds.

Prompted by a friend’s request (see yesterday) I looked in my Bible on Sunday to suggest some passages for him to read. One of the ones I suggested is perhaps my favourite chapter in the whole Bible: Luke 24. There is just SO much in it!

I love the contrast between despair and delight that Jesus’ friends experience when they realise that he is risen from the dead.

I laugh at the comic timing of Jesus as he appears to Cleopas and his friend, disappears just as they recognise him and then reappears just after they have run a mini-marathon back to Jerusalem.

I revel in the convincing proof he gives to his friends that he is alive – foundational to the faith of millions across the centuries and about 2 billion today!

I am encouraged at how slowly his friends realised what was actually happening… perhaps I am not so slow myself.

And at the moment I am excited by the possibilities of two Bible studies in the chapter – one peripatetic and one at a primitive cafe-church. Jesus opened the minds of these people to show them how what was happening in front of them had been right in front of them all the time. It was hidden in plain sight in the Bible (or at least the bits they had at that time). God consistently reveals more about himself to his followers. He is in the business of opening our eyes to the truth by his Spirit at work in us. And he is always keen for us to get to know him better.

And of course he finishes by telling them that they will be free samples of Jesus once they have received the Spirit. (OK it’s a very loose paraphrase!).

May Jesus open your minds today…

Be blessed, be a blessing

There was a barber that thought that he should share his faith with his customers more than he had been doing lately. So the next morning when the sun came up and the barber got up out of bed he said, “Today I am going to witness to the first man that walks through my door.”

Soon after he opened his shop the first man came in and said, “I want a shave!” The barber said, “Sure, just sit in the seat and I’ll be with you in a moment.” The barber went in the back and prayed a quick desperate prayer saying, “God, the first customer came in and I’m going to witness to him. So give me the wisdom to know just the right thing to say to him. Amen.”

Then quickly the barber came out with his razor in one hand and a Bible in the other while saying “Good morning sir. I have a question for you… Are you ready to die?”

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