you know it’s time to go home when…

High Leigh Conference Centre - it's quite posh here!

It’s the last morning of the conference, which has been brilliant. But how do you know it’s time to go home? Not simply that you have run out of conference, have been chucked out of your room and they have called in the police in case you decide to protest in their grounds, but how do you know when you have received enough?

You know it’s time to leave the conference when*:

  • You have more ideas in your head than you have available capacity to process them
  • You have shared the same story with all the participants
  • You have to check your Facebook photos to remind yourself what your family and friends look like
  • You are so full (food, bible teaching, prayers, etc) that you sense one more meal, bible exposition or prayer session and you will explode
  • (For married people) You have become used to having a double bed to yourself and are sleeping like a starfish (not going to be well-received at home)
  • You feel called to be a conference speaker so you can spend all your time away from local church life
  • You have got all the illustrations and jokes you need for next week’s sermon
  • You have sampled all of the different drinks in the conference centre bar (and know all the prices)
  • You find that lots of people at the conference have been reading your blog entries and start to recognise themselves
  • You start blogging about knowing when it is time to go home

*Please note that this is not intended to be autobiographical!!

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