Signs your Minister may need a day off

.|Two hands & many Phones|.Their Outlook Diary reminds them of an appointment and offers them the chance to ‘snooze’. They take the opportunity to close their eyes…

They find a post-it note from their spouse on their computer to ask for an appointment to see them.

They forget someone’s birthday – their own!

You hear them replying through gritted teeth, “I’m NOT stressed!”

Their Sky+ Box contains programmes they recorded last year that they have not had a chance to watch.

They cheer wildly, pull their shirt over their head and run around as if they have scored a winning goal when you cancel an appointment or meeting.

They have to put post-it notes in their diary because there’s no space for them to write in it.

People in your church have been telling you how wonderful your Minister is because they are so hardworking.

They fall asleep in their own sermon.

They have not realised that their children have left home.

Their car has clocked up 20,000 miles this year – driving around town.

They install a new phone answering system: “Thank you for calling your Minister. Your call is important to him/her. Please hold. You are number thirteen in the queue.”

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