intermittent praying

I am sorry to say that this week’s bloggages have been somewhat intermittent. I have been very busy this week, including fitting in an extra day off today (Thursday) to coincide with Sally taking a day’s leave in order to use up her annual allocation. She’s out at housegroup now so it’s okay for me to release some sneaky bloggerel into cyberspace.

Intermittent sometimes describes my prayer life too, if I am being brutally honest. And it is often busy-ness that causes the intermittance (and perhaps a new word too…). I meet on a monthly basis with three local Baptist Ministers and we have just agreed to try to be honest with each other and help each other by being mutually accountable about how we are doing in our relationship with God. That’s both scary and fantastic at the same time.

Being a Minister can be incredibly rewarding and carries immense privileges, but it can also be quite lonely and there is always the temptation to be a professional Christian. I can use my sermon preparation time as my ‘Bible study’ time. I can use praying for others as a substitute for my own personal prayer life. And I have found that if I do I get spiritually dry. I’m not in that place right now, but it would be easy to do so.

So being honest with my friends will help me. It’s not the fear that they may catch me out, but knowing that they understand, are praying for me and that we can encourage each other that makes this such a brilliant friendship. It would be perfectly possible for me to share superficial success with these colleagues and show them a veneer that suggests everything is always fine. But that won’t bless me or help us to help one another. So I have resolved to be honest.

And, if I am honest with you, dear bloggite, I need to stop right now (without a joke today!!) in order to go and pray a bit more to try to minimise the intermittance. You could too…

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