P A R T Y! Why? Because I gotta!*

According to WordPress, this is my 500th blog post. 500 bloggages?! That seems incredible to me. Of course, to those who have read them, it seems incredible that there are only 500 interminable entries…

I have been reflecting on this fact for a while, anticipating what brilliant bloggerel I should post on here to mark the occasion. And it struck me how arbitrary it is that we celebrate specific landmarks in time and events. We make a special thing of celebrating 18th and 21st birthdays, and then any birthday that ends with a 0. We particularly celebrate 25th wedding anniversaries, and then some of those ending with 0. This year we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – 60 years on the throne – and all sorts of celebratory malarkey is planned.

But why don’t we celebrate as much for the intervening events? Why is the 22nd birthday less significant than the 21st? Or why don’t we make as big a deal of a 26th wedding anniversary? And why is no massive nationwide jamboree planned for the Queen’s 61st year on the throne? After all, these are one year better than the previous ones, so surely we should be celebrating even more!

I am not sure I have an answer to that, except that if we ramped up the celebrations each succeeding year we would reach a point where the scale and energy of the celebrating exceeds our ability to participate in it.

The Bible is full of celebrations. Festivals mark the whole year in the Old Testament, and these punctuate Jesus’ life too. Christians add a couple of special ones of our own (Christmas, Easter…) and celebrate what they mean. But perhaps we should cultivate our attitude of gratitude to God and celebrate each day that he has given us, and all that it may bring. This is one reason why praying at the start of a day can be a blessing to us. And perhaps we should make more of sharing bread and wine at Communion / Eucharist / Mass / Lord’s Supper – remembering Jesus’ death and celebrating not only his resurrection but also our new life that is freely offered as an act of loving grace.

So the 501st bloggage should be as significant as this one… but don’t count on that reflecting in the quality!

Be blessed, be a blessing, celebrate!

*first one to say where that quote is from can give themselves a celebratory pat on the back.

A man was very much in love with a beautiful girl. One day she told him that the next day was her birthday. He told her he would send her a bouquet of roses… one for each year of her life.

That evening he called the local florist, his best friend, and ordered twenty-one roses with instructions that they be delivered first thing the next morning.

As the florist was preparing the order, he decided that since the young man was such a good friend, he would put an extra dozen roses in the bouquet.

The poor fellow never did find out what made the young girl so angry with him.


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