euphemistically speaking

We have interesting euphemisms for innocuous occurrences.

“bun in the oven” – pregnant
“economical with the truth” – liar
“indisposed” – on the loo (we all do it)
“pre-loved” – second hand (yes, honestly, it’s a phrase that’s coming into usage)
“built for comfort, not speed” – overweight
“need to recharge my batteries” – tired

I’m not sure why we do it for innocuous events and circumstances because surely the idea of a euphemism in to say something indelicate in a delicate way. I am about to indulge in some navel gazing, so if you are not in the mood for that you could stop here and simply enjoy the euphemisms.

At the moment I need to recharge my batteries. But that is literal, not euphemistic. The implant that lived within my abdomen and sent electrical impulses into my brain to (successfully) stop the chronic migraines and cluster headaches has ceased to be. It has shuffled off this mortal coil. It has curled up its tootsies. It has bitten the dust. It has croaked. It is dead.

Sadly this means that the headaches are back and seem to be enjoying their unfettered freedom by running at maximum. So, by way of a warning to you if you see me and I look like a bear with a sore head, I might be feeling like one too (without the fur or claws). If I am grumpy it may be because sleep is at a premium at the moment. If I look like death warmed up, it may be that I am struggling to cope. Sorry (in advance) if I am not up to expectations.

It has been my experience in the past (and is now) that God gives me the grace to cope (just) and the perseverance to carry on despite the pain. That’s not because I am heroic, but because he is gracious.

It has given me a fresh appreciation of what it is like for many people who live with chronic pain, and I can honestly say that if you are in that category I sympathise and empathise with you.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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3 responses to “euphemistically speaking”

  1. A friend of mine once appeared at a fancy dress party as a kitchen appliance containing a baked good. Her eldest daughter was born a mere matter of months later…

  2. Also if you are feeling brave I can pass on a #tag to look up on twitter on for things that sound like euphemism but apparently aren’t…

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