Don’t feel obliged to answer

The responses to yesterday’s minibloggage made me smile this morning. There weren’t any. I wonder whether that’s because nobody has ever been asked a good question or whether you al assumed it was a rhetorical question.

The idea of rhetorical questions is fascinating, isn’t it? We use them as a device for engaging others into our thought processes, to invite people to agree with us and perhaps to make people think further about something. I wonder if a lot of the things Jesus said are thought to be rhetorical, but ‘Follow me’ demands a response, even if it is ‘nope’.

What about, ‘ love your neighbour as yourself?’ It seems okay in theory until you reflect on the Good Samaritan and realise that neighbourliness is not geographical. However, perhaps your neighbour is located in the next cubicle, office, classroom, seat on the bus or in the queue at the checkout. They don’t have to be someone we don’t get along with!

Who is your neighbour? (rhetorical question?)

Be blessed, be a blessing

(sorry to those of you who checked this earlier, intermittent problems posting this morning so the bloggerel has been uploaded in segments!)


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