living up to expectations

Yesterday the Olympic Flame was lit in Athens (although it did blow out during the ceremony 🙂 ). It won’t be long now. The Olympic Torch Relay will soon be starting around Britain, taking 70 days to run its way across the nation, igniting enthusiasm for the Games. It’s coming through Colchester on 6th July between just before 8am and leaving just after 8.30.

What I find surprising is that between towns the torch is being transported in a car. I (naively?) imagined that it would be carried by runners across the whole nation, not getting a lift between venues.

It doesn’t seem so much of a ‘relay’. Perhaps they will allow the GB runners to drive in cars during the Olympics too!

I wonder how much of what we do in our churches today goes against expectations…

What was Jesus expecting we would be up to?

What do people who have never been in a church think or expect we get up to inside? This Sunday we have the joy of a service of Believer’s Baptism. Now there’s something unusual! If you have never seen this, you can see my son’s baptism here –

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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