Unique thoughts

Today is a unique day… just like every other day.

I love the sillyness and irrefutable logic of that statement.  It is true that every day is unique, yet the essence of uniqueness demands that there is only one. Sharing that status of being unique seems wrong, yet is so right.

Today may involve: telling a story to pre-school children with the aid of a rabbit (see pic of Stew the Rabbit on ‘about me page. He’s vain like that and wants everyone to see him); an appraisal; watching England’s first match in Euro 2012; a meeting about music in our morning services; some Bible reading; some praying; and lots of breathing.

That combination, along with lots of other stuff to punctuate and link these events together, will make today unique.

The original joke from which the opening sentence is adapted is, “Remember that you are unique… just like everyone else.” It works because it starts off sounding like the beginning of a great motivational speech to encourage you to be proud of yourself and your achievements, talents, skills and personality and then punctures any pride by putting everyone in the same place. Add to that the true sillyness of the statement and it becomes a classic.

But we should remember that we are made by God as a unique creation: he broke the mould when you were created. And we should never elevate ourselves above anyone else. God loves and values everyone equally, no matter how we feel about ourselves.


I pray that today you have a special day, and that you feel blessed by how God feels about you. See if you can make someone else feel that special today… that will make it a good day!

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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