Whether the weather be wet…

Life is full of contrasts. People around us are experiencing light and darkness, joy and misery, laughter and anguish. Pain and peace. Sometimes these things are experienced by different people we know: sometimes by the same people in the same day.

We might say that this is part of what makes life what it is. How we respond to those different experiences is part of what makes us who we are. It is true that rainbows only exist when sunshine and rain are in close proximity, but it is also true that you can’t see them if you not in the right place. You need to be able to see the refraction of light and if you’re in the rain you won’t be able to: you need those outside to tell you that the rainbow is there.


When life is tough for us it can be helpful to know that others around us are seeing things from a different perspective. It’s not that we need their happiness, but we need to be reminded that life is not always rain. It will not always be gloomy. I think that is worth remembering / realising for us all.

For those of us who live in UK it may also be worth remembering that this summer as the rain comes down… somewhere someone is enjoying sunlight and rainbows!

Be blessed, be a blessing.

Entry from God’s diary…

April 2012 – UK water companies have declared hosepipe bans because they fear a drought like 1976. Have they forgotten that they are in the UK? He he he. Time to turn on my sprinklers…

June 2012 – I wonder if they have had enough water in their drought yet?


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